Macedonia Baptist Church

Welcome Macedonia Baptist Church


Who We Are

Apostle Percy McCray Pastor
And National Lady Diana McCray

At New Macedonia Baptist Church, we are a vibrant and welcoming community committed to spreading the love of Christ and embracing everyone who walks through our doors. With our strong foundation in faith, we strive to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and growth. Led by Apostle Percy McCray and National Lady Diana McCray, our church family is dedicated to nurturing spiritual development, fostering genuine relationships, and making a positive impact in our local community and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission at New Macedonia Baptist Church is to serve as a radiant beacon of light in a world that can sometimes be filled with darkness. We are committed to exemplifying the teachings of Jesus Christ through love, compassion, and service. Through our various ministries, outreach programs, and worship experiences, we seek to inspire and uplift individuals, helping them discover their purpose and potential in God’s plan. We strive to be a place where people of all backgrounds can find solace, belonging, and transformation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see lives transformed through the power of God’s grace and love. We envision a community where people are drawn together in unity, embracing diversity and supporting one another on their spiritual journeys. We aspire to create an environment where faith is nurtured, hope is rekindled, and love is shared abundantly. Through dynamic worship, meaningful fellowship, and purpose-driven initiatives, we aim to impact lives and shape a brighter future for our congregation and the world.